Best Screws for holding down metal roof panels

Panels are important, but whats holding them down?

Every panel is different but one thing remains the same, they have to be fastened to the roof. 

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Metal Roof screws Fastener Comparison Infographi

If your not using a hidden fastener system, you need to pay close attention to the type of screws that are being used on your roof. The screws that used to be used would have a rubber washer that sealed the screw head to the Metal Roof Panel.

But there were some core issues with these screws as shown above, If the screws weren't installed straight, water and ice would be able to find its way in above the rubber washer and cause the screw to loose its hold to the roof decking.

Eventually the screws would let go and allow the roof to have a small leak. Standard practice was to inform homeowner that we would need to come back every five years and tighten and in extreme cases replace the screws. This was considered regular roof maintenance on roofs with an exposed fastener system and was a billable service to the homeowner. 

Now, we have the Life Time Zamak - 5 Zinc Alloy Cast Head, warrantied against red rust for the life time of the building. That means no more maintenance costs associated with replacing screws!!! That is huge. 

Of course there are other Metal Roof Panel options that don't require exposed fasteners, like standing seam or stone coated steel roof panels. 

What ever product you decide to go with, Sargeants Roofing is your homes best line of defense.