Christmas Decorations + Ideas

For this Holiday Season the top decorating trends for Christmas Lights are: 

  • Winter Wonderland: Icy True White and Cool sapphire blue complimented with heavy flocking and twinkle lights. Gorgeous blue accents and frosted Birch accents.
  • Nostalgia: An abundance of Warm white lights all over giving a sense of comfort and warmth for the holidays. That same first one up childhood feeling, rubbing the sleepy blur out of your eyes. Complete with pre-lit classic wreaths accented with garland, and accents of red and gold accessories.
  • Frozen: Decorations featuring the Disney Hits favourite characters Elsa and Olaf. Surrounded by a flurry of Pink, Purple, Teal and True Cool White alternating bulbs. Using unlit barren heavy flocked grapevine wreath with frozen twigs with a snow like shimmer. Snowflake projectors flooding onto exterior building features. 
  • Nordic: An ode to Santa's Scandinavian Roots, Joulupukki or Yule Goat. We string a trendy mix of Warm and True white C9 light. Wreaths of frosted eucalyptus, twine and wooden beads, with accents of dried oranges and felted wool pompom garland. Inside and out of the house creates a unique fresh fragrance to highlight the zest of a coming new year. Optional: Good Luck Tomte(gnome) in a basket on your deck, A Nordic welcome Tradition. 
  • Whoville: A blast of Red, Yellow and Green alternating bulbs pays homage to a Christmas Classic Grinch and his dastardly deeds.  Of course complete with a unfinished look of a Grinch stealing the lights and a 4' tall bent droop top Whoville Tree. Accented by Garland, and trees wrapped in pink purple and red will definitely leave you the rotten hit of the block! You deserve a standing whovation!
  • Prairie Pride: An Edmonton, Alberta Favourite! Featuring the classic Rockefeller colours Blue, Red, Yellow and Green alternating, accented by heavily flocked prairie grass in a planter because we get a lot of snow. Complimented with a pre-lit wreaths also heavily flocked with a Burlap bow and frosted prairie grass. 

We have the details all worked out for you!

This year we can help you skip the overwhelm, avoid the decision fatigue and ditch the trap of analysis paralysis over holiday decorating and design. We have all these Christmas packages complete with custom made exterior decor pre-conceptualized and ready for our installers to get your home ready for the holidays. Avoid the disappointment and the cold, and let us take care of it all for you, and you can finish off inside! 

Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland Packages can include C9 Cool White and True Blue lights with the spacing of your choice installed on all roof lines. A birch planter with 3-6 foot long 1-2" birch branches decorated in 5MM True Blue Microlights. Planters may not be exactly as shown and you are also welcome and able to provide us with planters of your choosing. Your door will be complimented with a Pre-lit flocked wreath with white flickering micro lights and sapphire accent bow. Optional column and tree wraps are available.  Discuss in further detail with our ON-STAFF holiday decor designer. 

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Nostalgic Christmas Packages can include C9 Lights in Warm White, with the spacing to be chosen by the customer. Garland with red and gold accents around the door as well as red bows. Framing a Door Wreath pre-lit with warm white flickering lights, complimented with red and gold accents. Options include flocked garland wrap on columns and banisters, as well as red and gold accented Christmas swag on lanterns on the exterior. 
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Make the little Princess in your homes heart melt by turning your home into her own ice palace! It all starts with alternating C9 Bulbs in Purple, Pink, Teal and Cool Pure White. Locally sourced Disney Characters of Olaf and Elsa with pure white lights giving the effect of her ice powers frosting the home. A snowflake projector will cast moving dancing snowflakes onto your homes exterior. Accented by a Heavily flocked barren twig wreath covered in glitter. There will also be options to wrap trees and columns in pure white and/or Blue for a complete look. 
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847951_ChristmasLightDesign(blog post)-Nordic_V1_100220

Give your house a Nordic winter welcoming glow with alternating Pure White and Warm White alternating lights, installed across all roof lights. The door will be framed with a Pom Pom garland of alternating colours that will add flair to the 15.5" minimalist Eucalyptus Minimalist Wreath. A free bonus optional Tomte in a basket or on a Log somewhere on your deck to welcome your guests.
(Not EXACTLY as shown)
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847937_Christmas Light Design (blog post) - Whoville_V1_100820


Let the Grinch try to steal Christmas with this classic holiday gag! A Locally sourced Grinch Character will be caught in the act stealing your Red, Yellow, and Green lights on classic green light wire. A custom made "who" tree with the signature whoville drooping top will be placed by your door which will be accented with a Thick classic green Wreath and red bow on your door. Optional Tree wraps with Garland and pink purple and red wrapped trees, as well as Smaller Wreaths on your lanterns are available. Book a visit with our ON-STAFF holiday decor designer to verify your Holiday Whoville vision. 
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Prairie Pride

847953_ChristmasLightDesign(blog post)-PrairiePride_V1_100220

A Heritage Home for the holidays? This is an Alberta Favourite only from Sargeants Roofing! The classic "Rockefeller" Colours will drape all roof lines! The blue, red, green, and yellow will pop and glow against the Golden Wheat planter (Planter not exactly as displayed, designer will supply or customer can provide one of their choosing.) The Wheat features will be frosted just like on the Flocked pre-lit Wreath with a Burlap Bow and wheat accents. Optional Flocked Garland is available for columns and banisters and "Canadian Patriot" Red and white lighting for any trees you would like lit as well!  Let your design consultant know during your on-site visit what you would like! 
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We are always looking for your feedback, and we want to know what other ideas you might have for Christmas Decoration and design ideas. Let us know what you are doing, send us your pictures of your DIR Christmas Decorations and holiday lights on facebook or instagram and we might even share them!!