Best Christmas Light Clips

Arguably the most important aspect of your design concept is the ability to set up your decor. From wreath hooks, magnetic light clips to ground stakes. The fastener that you invest in correlate to ease of installation and more importantly ease of removal, as well as how the decor you choose will perform through the elements. It is one thing to install decor with the Christmas season and time off ahead of you, it becomes a different type of chore to clean up the decor in the spring. Maybe your light wire be frozen to the ground in the early spring months? Possibly your clip choice was not engineered for the harsh Canadian climate. Which determines when you can pack up your decor in the Spring, Summer or Fall we aren't judging... Or if your decor fastening choice damages your siding, windows or heaven forbid your roof! We are biased here!

Plan ahead because small 'visible' damage to your home, can cause expensive 'unforeseen' damage later. A small tear, gap or whole can allow water into your home which would lead to thousands of dollars of damage later which is not a small or quick fix. Never underestimate waters ability to run down hill, and seep along the way.

The reason that our team at Sargeant's Roofing got into holiday lighting in the first place. Throughout the roofing season our repair team experiences all kinds of senseless damage which happens from simply fastening holiday decor and lighting into the roof, fascia and gutters. Homeowners happening to cause damage every season, but equally so do seasonal "lighting experts". This is because of a lack of training, winter elements, and wrong equipment and tools. None the less houses are damaged every season and that it is completely preventable.

Out of the many options of Christmas Light clips these are the ones that we prefer through experience:

Commercial-Christmas-Magnetic-Clip-Clear__39620.1532022459 Magnetic -  perfect for 'ferrous' metal surfaces, they are made from high-grade materials that will not rust and cause damage from corrosion and staining. These are a breeze to put up and take down. Great for metal flashing and they came in 2 colours.
Multi-Clip - non invasive for sturdy and uncompromising adherence of SP-2 wire on gutters and eaves. Keeps flat wire, flat for clean, professional lines. They also come in two different strengths, and 2 colours.
(Black and Clear)
Commercial-Christmas-Multiclip-Adhesive--Clear-Front__43151.1600208926 Adhesive Clip - for the trickiest jobs, these clips are made from transparent poly-carbonate. They are proven to hold in even the harshest climates and extreme weather (without causing damages to you the surfaces* on your home). Comes in clear, single use, holds Sp-2 wire as well as garland and mini-lights. *painted metals, plastic, smooth finished wood, and glass,
Shingle Tab: you guessed it sliding under the shingle, non invasive. These keep wires flat and professional and they are as easy to install as they are to remove. Made of nylon, and comes in clear only. Commercial-Christmas-Roof-Shingle-Tab-Clear-Front__56600.1571339420
Commercial-Christmas-Lawn-Stake-10-Inch-Black__48537.1598557416 5" & 10" Lawn Stakes - lights pathways and border perimeters. We don't really think that is an option for us in the HEAVY SNOWFALL climate of Canada. So we use this for keeps wire OFF the ground so it can not freeze to the lawn. As well as draping thought accent planters to add security and placement of mini-lights, and c7 lights. They are also made of nylon and comes in black only.
3M Wreath Hooks - Clear and discrete, rated to hold 20LBS, only adheres to glass. great for wreath and other greenery. Uses a double suction cup technology for great adhesion.  Commercial-Christmas-Tools-Suction-Hook-Clear-Flat__50875.1600134055
Commercial-Christmas-Tools-Door-Hook-Clear-Side-Straight__37022.1600133892 Over-door wreath hook - better for doors that don't have glass panels, rated to hold 10LBS. Discrete, designed to prevent scratching and damage to the door and door frame as well as fit snug on the door.
The clips we choose to use are made from premium nylon, and are UV stabilized so they will not lose physical strength from the harsh sun, Snow and other elements. This is how you get the best installation of the best Christmas Lights.
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We avoid making holes at all costs, because it is completely unwarranted. Staplers are archaic, and there are many other effective and ultimately inexpensive options. That being said these clips need to be removed properly because they are manufactured to hold and not move. So if they are removed  improperly they can do more damage because they hold and adhere so that they will not let your or your decor down. It is imperative that you protect your home and then your decor. When you invest in quality fasteners you do just that. For more Decor education and contact our team of roofing experts who are highly educated in Christmas and holiday decor and installation. 

Keep reading our blog if you would like to Learn more about How to Hang Christmas Lights properly, especially in Edmonton there are number of challenges. Having the right ladders, tools, experience, comfort working from ladders, fall arrest equipment, stable ground and so much more is necessary for successful and safe holiday light installs. 

If you would like a no obligation quote and design consultation reach out to our team today to take advantage to our no snow discount and beat the holiday rush. Availability is limited.

- Allison.