Does your Roof have Drip Edge on it?

Is your roof missing this critical component?


Drip Edge is the best value improvement you can do for your roof!

When it’s the perfect time to mount a new roof system on your home, the roofing companies ought to clarify at length all the work they’ll be carrying out, as well as what the different components that are going on the roof to be in order that you comprehend the overall procedure and understand what you’ll purchase.

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Throughout this course of action, you’ll most likely hear some phrases or words you aren’t acquainted with. One of them is the “drip edge.” In the event you are not certain what this really is or why it is significant, make sure you consult your Edmonton Roofing contractors for further details. That’s why the Sargeant’s guys are there for you, so as to get explanation prior to advancing with the job. If you prefer an in-person explanation Schedule a Roofing Quote now!

For the time being, in this article, the Sargeant’s roofing specialists will clarify what it is and why it is very important to safeguard your house from the elements.

What It Is

Quite simply, the drip edge is actually a thin band of a non-staining, non-corrosive, non-rusting galvanized steel which is put around the eaves of your house any time roofing specialists install roof shingles in your house. It is in most cases produced from galvanized steel, aluminium.  A durable material like what’s employed for flashing around fireplaces and skylights.

What Is The Purpose Of The Drip Edge?

purposeIts main objective is always to avoid ice dams or moisture from getting beneath your roofing shingles and making the decking or underlay wet. This would be responsible for most roof leakages, wood decay, mildew, mould and a number of other issues. Correctly mounted, it could extend the life span of your roof many years. Left off, it can cause an untimely failure of your home’s roofing system and weather proofing. It is built to funnel dampness off the underlay or decking by supplying an external projecting lower line. There are 2 regions in which this is crucial and where trustworthy roofing companies like Sargeant’s Roofing Company will invariably install a firmly fixed drip edge:

  • across the eaves of your home and across the gables or
  • In some cases across the gables or rakes at both ends.

It will include the lowest row of roofing shingles over the eaves above the gutters. It will channel water away from the roof top or straight into the rain gutters to ensure that no wetness can leak back below and decompose the decking.

How Do Sargeant’s Roofing Contractors Install It?

Skilled roofing companies mount the drip edge before installing the starter shingles when performing a roof replacement job. Across the eaves (the lowest straight line of the rooftop alongside of your home), it’s mounted below the underlay or “Deck base” to ensure that water running off from these factors cannot drain back under. The ends ought to connect with and overlap each other to provide a safe margin at every corner.

How Important Is It?

Excellent roofing companies normally incorporate a drip edge once they deploy new roofing shingles as well as other components mainly because it safeguards the decking and helps to ensure that the roofing shingles last for a longer period. In fact without it, your warranty may be null and void! Should you ever have an issue with the base of the roof, and a warranty claim is filed; if drip edge is not present you could be left without coverage. Without them, your house’s roof will likely be susceptible to wood decay, curling shingles along with other complications. It is generally to your advantage to ensure it is contained in any new roof top installation. At Sargent’s Roofing we have a reputation of being the roofing contractor in Edmonton you call when you want the job done right. Contact us today.