Edmonton Permanent Christmas Lights

What are Permanent Christmas Lights? 

Permanent Christmas lights are Low Voltage LED Lights installed in the soffit and fascia areas of your homes roof lines that allow you create a variety of colours and lighting effects with our app. This way you can also use them for lighting during halloween with spooky light colours, bring Warm Thanksgiving colours to welcome your family home as well as create ambiance year round. While this is somewhat a new lighting concept, the principles of installing tracked lighting channels with pot lights is sound. This is just more lights, closer together, and allowing for 16,000,000 colours. 

How Much are Permanent Christmas Lights? 

The typical install costs around $3500.  The price of installation is about $25 per foot on average, plus the cost of a controller. Costs may vary based on difficulty, access, and weather, as well as certain electrical codes in Edmonton and surrounding area.

  • Costs can come down based on simplicity, if the lights are long straight runs on easy to reach roof lines. 
  • The price increases when there are several areas that need to be lit but they are not connected and need to be connected to power in a way that makes the wiring discreet or hidden from the elements. 
  • Safety is a big factor during installation. The best time to install permanent lights is the same as seasonally installed lights - before the snow falls. 

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Do they Last Forever?

No, LED's last about 50,000 hours. The word "permanent" implies they are installed permanently, not that the lights last "Forever". Though many installs can last 5-10 years eventually lights can and will go out, connections can be affected by temperature changes and humidity. These are low voltage lights and thus do not generate much heat, or consume much power, however they are also subject to fail just like any other light. They should still last as long as most other outdoor Christmas Lights, just with a permanent installation you will likely be using them more on a year round basis. 

What is the Warranty on Permanent Light Installs? 

Thanks to individually weatherproofed connections we offer a 5 Year Warranty on all our products, this is a full coverage on the entire product installation, as well the lights and any leaks caused by installation. This means you will have 5 years of dependable light from color-changing lights. 

Will they Damage my Roof During Installation?

It's certainly possible, that is why you are best to hire a roofing company to install the permanent lighting, we have experience working on roofs and have all the tools and equipment to work safely and know when to use them. Also we guarantee our installations to not damage your roof as we do a pre-site plan prior to selling any permanent lighting installation. Therefor we should know all the risks associate and have a plan for how to avoid damaging your shingles or other exterior elevations in the duration of the install. Should we cause excessive wear to your shingles we also have the skillsets in house to repair or replace any damaged roof tiles. If you have a roof with Cedar Shakes, Composite or Concrete Tiles or even more durable products it is wise to always get a roof inspection after anyone uses your roof coverage material as a working surface platform. 

DIY Permanent Christmas Lights, is that a thing? 

While our lights are certainly not the only option for your ideal lighting plan, there are outdoor Christmas light kits you can buy online, although to our knowledge ours is the only solution with a programmable decorative light system including a cloud based app.  We use a Canadian supplier and love them because they understand the challenges of Canadian snow when trying to achieve weather resistant light channels that both look good, install seamlessly into most existing roof systems and match the colour of your exterior for a beautiful daytime look that is discreet. 

If you have more questions about Permanent light installations and pricing book an appointment with our holiday lighting team HERE. Let us know your ideal lighting plan.

- Adam