Frozen inspired Christmas Decorations


"Let it go, let it go" we won't get into this again. The cold really does bother me, anyway Christmas around here does feel a little cursed,  Only because we are in the middle of a never-ending pandemic with 6 months or so of frozen winter weather to face, I am willing to let a little magic warm me up.
Alternating fuschia, purple, teal and true white LED C9  lights on flat wire, which hug kind your home like an icy winter storm hugs Elsa, so you can focus on your bright energy efficient LED strawberries instead of gaping, dangling wires. Did I mention all of the lights we supply are professional installed and completely customizable to the exact parameters of your home. Our installers "don't let the frostbite, bite"  you at least, you stay in your "Oaken Sauna" while we brave your frozen, icy castle. Please don't wait till the snow flies though, we have summer-like install prices because its safer and warmer, but safer, also warmer. Olaf will make an appearance to welcome you and yours home everyday!

We will hang the most icy handmade grapevine wreath you have ever seen, we are talking about shimmering, glittering icy wreath, that is yours too keep.  Then the frozen witch, herself, braves the desolate land to project her frosty powers on to your icy layer. We want your home to feel like it is on the north mountain, we think it wouldn't be so terrible if your neighbors drove by thinking to themselves, "I never knew winter could be so beautiful".  This package will leave you feeling like you have your "own personal flurry". 

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