Letters from the CEO: Escape your demons and steps to re-invent yourself!

First Letter from the Roofing CEO: 

Every Thursday for years now, we have held a meeting on Thursday morning, without fail. Today is November 11, 2021 and 85% of our team made it in on the holiday to be a part of our Thursday morning roofing culture meeting. Some didn't make it and that is fine, as a Roofing CEO I have learned that I am working with a lot of people who perhaps have not been exposed to a leader who cares about them as much as I do. It's hard to trust me, it's hard to trust anyone in this world, so why wake up early on a holiday to come to listen to me flap my gums? 

So this is my way of reaching those people, yes, if you work for me, this is for you. It's also because many of the teammates that came - asked for notes and I think this is a great way to give those to them. 

Maybe it might be something I do again, I just want to make sure that we make this the best place to work for roofers. 


Roofers have Demons:

This is not news, You will come upon a day in your life when you want to say that you are "So done" with something. If you do not know the difference between allies and enemies, and have no path or steps to make change -- nothing will change. If you don't you change, you won't change.

The 3 enemies that you need to evade to escape those demons.

  1. People who have continued those curses. They could be a sibling with the same upbringing or a parent. Indirectly they want you to succeed but if YOU change it means they COULD HAVE. That will make them feel left behind and at risk of losing you. So they will inadvertently hold you back.
  2. Your current Circle. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. They don't want to lose you and by trying to change they will see that you are leaving them. They will see this as an insult or a slight against them and they will end up being malicious and preying on your weakness to keep you with them. This will be hard. 
  3. YOU. Old habits die hard. You have to be thinking differently about life, and make different decisions to become a different person

Steps to Re-invent yourself as a Roofer:

Start with a difficult goal. It has to feel impossible, or at least unlikely to accomplish - and your MUST accomplish it. This must be a short term goal and for you it could be seemingly small. It could be so simple as making your bed. Every time you accomplish a goal you tell your mind and your heart that you are honest. You have to believe in yourself. Imagine if your mind believes that you are a liar, think of what a prison that must be! These choices will begin to establish a sense of trust in yourself. 

Step 1: Invest in your identity 

Of all the things that you could invest in.. .bitcoin, stocks, real estate, NOTHING will have a payback like investing in your identity. Learn who you are. Learn your limitations and expand them, challenge them. Find reasons to believe in yourself and trust yourself, find ways to forgive yourself. 


Step 2: Associated with the Right Ones 

There are 3 types of people you need to have in your life and it is important to know the difference, and know when someone is not any one of the three. 

  • People who encourage you and know your goals. These are people who think your goals are awesome and pump you up to chase them. They don't question their validity, they don't forget them, they want to see you succeed and celebrate your wins. 
  • People who hold you accountable. These people might not get as excited about your goals and question your belief in them if you are not being accountable. They don't tear your goals down, they just hold you accountable for your action steps to achieving them. It is important to know the difference between positive and abusive accountability, and credibility to know the right steps to be accountable to which brings me to my next person; 
  • People who mentor you. These people aren't excited about your goals, nor do they commit to being an accountability coach. Instead, they chose you, of all the people who they could choose, to give you their precious time to give certainty in your decision-making. They have typically accomplished the things you want to or similar things and for one reason or another have chosen to guide you and teach you and be there for you when you need to know the answer. Do not waste this person's time, they have no shortage of people wanting their help, but few who actually give them the rush of knowing that they made a difference. That rush comes from seeing people skip the lines that they had to wait in. 


Step 3: Protect your Credibility Score!

Do what you say you are going to do. You should already be doing this for yourself - to accomplish your goals and to tell your mind that you are trustworthy, to love yourself. However, if you tell people you will do things just to appease them, or to get them off your back, or because you think that is what they want to hear --- you will be found out.

In the end to not do, what you said you will do, is inevitably perceived as a lie. 

Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. 

This debt eventually turns bad, and too much bad debt your credibility goes out the window. As the head of a roofing company with a big vision I have to choose to surround myself with the top 10-20% of people in the company. From Roofers to salespeople, managers to janitors, I am rating people on their credibility. These are the people I choose to elevate because I need to TRUST THEM. Skilled people are easy to find when compared to finding people with credibility. 

You CAN rebuild credibility, but it's a waste of time, effort and emotion if it could be avoided by simply choosing to learn this lesson and remain credible. 


Step 4: Strengthen your Greatest Weapon

You have this incredible computer in your brain, but many people in the roofing industry have not been taught to value it, or use it. You should be reading at LEAST one book a year!! If you want to know what books to read, just ask me! adam@sargeantsroofing.com

Think of all the power in this mind you have! Dogs, Monkeys, Goldfish, even Dolphins do not have the ability to sharpen the saw of their abilities by reading. This isn't podcasts or youtube videos but actual reading. Content that has been crafted, not cobbled together. Content that was considered in its creation. Books with a beginning middle and end, and a purpose or goal in their publication and promotion. 


Step 5: Challenge your Way of Thinking

There are people in this company that I DO NOT agree with. I think their political opinions are flat-out wrong and in some cases even destructive to the fabric of humanity. Yet I still keep them around and keep them close in my circle as trusted advisors and leaders in my company. WHY?  Because I have PROOF that my way of thinking has not ALWAYS worked in my favor. On occasion, my way of thinking was not the best way, and living in my own echo chamber limits my ability to have all the information needed to make decisions and get the advantage over my opponents.  So if you have proof that YOUR way of thinking has not taken you where you want and need to go, it might be time to challenge your way of thinking. This doesn't mean you always have to CHANGE the way you think, just challenge it.  If there is a chance that 3% of the time I might learn a different perspective that gives me an advantage I am going to expose myself to that new position. 

Step 6: Know your why...

A lot of the people who work for me, remind me of myself when I was younger. I remember being a young man working on the rigs and I had this base model diesel truck. Basically, this truck had air, tilt, cruise and power windows and locks with a 6 speed manual transmission. I would be following behind my boss who had the nice rubber mud flaps and the tail lights with the LED's instead of bulbs and the glow of those tail lights would light up my hood and I thought to myself;

"Man that is so cool, I want those tail lights!!" 

Now I have a lot of those things today and I see the way that younger guys look at it and I now see that those things are just the by-product of me learning and knowing my WHY. 

My why came to be as a result of watching my family struggle with being broke, by seeing other families that had a legacy and control over their lives and the choices that they had to make and could defer or avoid entirely. The absense of this power and control allowed my family to become split over money and I don't want to lose that control so I needed to build a company because I needed to be in control of the outcome I cannot trust a boss to make the decisions that control my life and I want all those choices, responsibilities in success or failure to the be direct result of the decisions that I make. 

That doesn't have to be your why.... yours could be that you want to be the best shingler you can be and when the roof is done you go home and totally focus on your kids. You might want to be in HR and want to change the lives of people who work here by being the best support system they can find anywhere. Everyone is different, but you have to know what it is.


Step 7: Work like its 1911 

There is no easy way to success, there is no escalator or elevator, you have to take the stairs. The myth of easy is the product you are being sold, so someone else can get to success. So many people have been made broke by thinking that things like Bitcoin, or Tech Stocks, or Real Estate or anything else was an easy way to get rich. Even More people have had their metabolisms destroyed by steroids and crash diets being sold as easy ways to lose weight and look good. 

Yet think of anyone you know that is RESPECTED. Kobe, Gary Vee, Bob Marley, Kevin Hart, Donald Trump. Love them or hate them they were workers and I appreciate anyone who hustles hard to achieve what they want to see in the world come into reality. Imagine if Thomas Edison worked 15 hours a week! I would be writing this on a typewriter. 

Step 8: Elevate your Imagination 

Your imagination is the FUEL that you power on your emotions that creates fire. It is what propels you forward in the hard times. Attaching your goals to emotions is what gives you the strength to succeed when the chips are down and things are looking bleak and it's what gives you the 2nd and 3rd winds needed to gain the lead needed when you are wanting to get a lead on the competition. 


Many people struggle to tap into their imagination and therefor lose all the power of their emotions. Learn to get excited about your dreams and learn what actually excites you. Then find ways to surround yourself with things that take you there. Those emotions will be the fuel you need to actually do everything else on this list. 


Step 9: Get Curious

Information today is easier to access than it was for the president in 1994. You have access to more information than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HAD IN 1994. Think about that!

We hold classes every Wednesday night to teach the roofers new skills. How to sell roofs, how to estimate roofing projects, how to market to roofing customers, how to manage roofing production targets and how to encourage roofers with HR policies. These are all there to allow you to listen and learn about different opportunities in the company that are available to you. 

This doesn't just exist here though, you can choose to watch movies, listen to music or aquire knowledge about a pain that ails you. There are solutions to problems and opportunities that you don't know about. The key is to get curious and waste some of your time googling the answers. 


Step 10: Break up with the old you! 

To change your life you have to change. Simple as that. You need to look in the mirror and get the look of a man or woman who is different than the day before. You need to recognize that in order to change you have to and must change.