Noma Christmas Lights, good or bad?

First of all let me say I have massive respect for the originators of the NOMA Brand, the company is in its 80th year in its business of lighting technology. They start out as a small family business and had a firm focus on innovative Christmas lighting. 

They were at a time known for great products, and great prices. Sadly though, in our opinion the prices have consistently got better but the Quality has gone down ever since the Company was acquired by a Third Party, and have abandoned their roots. In short these are not our parents Christmas lights! So when people ask me: 

Are NOMA Lights Good? 

My short answer is "No".

As a company that specializes in professional holiday light installation, we have a vested interest in the quality of the products we install. After all, it isn't NOMA that is going out to fix the burnt out bulbs in -30 degree Edmonton cold winter weather! 😡😩🌨️

It's US. We are the ones who people call for a warranty on their Holiday Lighting. Yes NOMA has a warranty, but good luck finding the box, the original purchase receipt, then go up there take down the lights and fill out a form. Send the lights in or return them to Crappy Tire which might not have any more stock.  (...and even if they do - in our experience about 1 in 5 boxes has a burnt out string straight out of the box!) 

I know what you're thinking.... 

OF COURSE we say that... we have a vested interest in selling customers OUR LIGHTS.

Listen, I can speak for EVERYONE here at Sargeants Roofing when I say we would much rather just zip down to the local big box story and grab strings of lights for our install as we need them, than muster the funds in August to buy 35,000 bulbs in bulk. It would be WAY easier to have the lights pre-installed as opposed to screwing in each and every individual bulb one by one in the freezing cold. Trust me!! We wish we could sell NOMA lights, and we aren't the only ones. Check out this article in the news about this very subject. Canadian professional light installers everywhere say the same thing.

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Why are they so bad? 

Well there are number of reasons, in fact we made a video about it on our youtube channel in 2019.


There are a number of key takeaways from this video:  
  1. The lights come all tangled up and the insertion points into the "bulbs" are not always secure. This can make them unreliable. 
  2. The tangled up lights are a nuisance to untangle on the job, and add a significant amount of labour. It is VERY challenging to get a clean look when the wires are all twisted up and making the strawberry shaped bulbs point in random directions.  
  3. They are not really truly C9 Bulbs, it's actually just a mini-light with a C9 casing, any respectable holiday light installer would agree that a C9 bulb should come with an E17 base. (The part that screws into the socket) 
  4. They are not able to be cut and custom fit to your roof lines. Often resulting in loose ends being left in gutters and that reduces the overall reliability of the entire length of lights. 
  5. The Casings are not UV Stabilized for year round installations, yet many home owners leave lights up in Canada year after year. 
  6. The Mini-lights inside are not bright enough. 
  7. ... and so much more! 
What are the best Christmas Lights to buy? 
  • You want to know the wattage per bulb. A big factor to look for is C9 lights with .45 Watt per bulb. That is equivalent to 5 of the single LED's you will find in a typical "C9" from Noma. 
  • The Best bulbs are the ones that have to be screwed in like a typical bulb in your home, into a CSA or UL approved SPT2 wire system with a drain on the socket to allow any snow that builds up to drain. 
  • Faceted and UV Stabilized lenses that diffuse light evenly and do not degrade as fast over time in the sun. 
  • The Best LED bulbs use the new SMD technology that has a chip inside and produces 20-30% more light than standard DIP LED bulbs, are easier to manufacture at a higher quality standard and use no additional power. This allows you to create a longer lasting brighter light with only 3 LED's compared to the commercial light industries standard 5 LED C9. 

Where to Buy the Best Christmas lights in Edmonton

Sadly there are not a lot of suppliers of these bulbs in Edmonton. You can buy them from some suppliers in Vancouver but without a large order they can buy quite expensive. The best option for those looking for an affordable high quality Christmas light display is to hire a professional lighting installer like the ones at Sargeants Roofing. 

We offer a lighting installation service that includes the lights, a warranty, and removal of the lights in the spring as well as a Storage and a complimentary colour change every year. Since you typically do not have any need for your lights year round, there is no sense owning them. Better to take advantage of our installation services, which keep you safe and comfortable indoors as well as give you a better curb appear and avoid all the hassles of light upkeep. Even if INSTALLING lights around the holidays is fun, everyone can agree that it is NO FUN going up there to take them down. 92% of all Lights removed in the spring break and never look good on their second install. Spite what the box says they are not designed for multi-year use and are also not designed to remain up year round. 

What about Permanent Holiday Lights? 

Great Question! We actually wrote an article on that very subject HERE.