Things you should NEVER do to your Roof!

The top things you should never do to your roof, Explained!


Things you should never do to your roof.

Your roof can be one of the most important aspects of your home and also one of the most expensive fixes when something goes wrong. Proper maintenance and care is important to maintaining your roof. But it is important to note that there are some common practices and maintenance projects that some Edmonton homeowners perform on their roofs that can actually end up damaging them. Here are the top things you should never do to your roof.

  1. Installing roofing materials or shingles over damaged roofing: many homeowners feel as though they can simply patch up leaks or replace loose shingles by placing materials overtop of other damaged roofing elements. Installing new shingles over old worn ones makes it difficult for the new shingles to seal on your roof. When you don’t remove old shingles as well it also makes it difficult to inspect the structural integrity of your roof for major wear and tear or leaks. Multiple repairs and the weight of multiple materials in one place can actually weaken your roof or cause water to pool in certain areas. When it comes to installing new materials are performing repairs it’s always best to get a professional to strip off any old materials and inspect the structural integrity of your roof before performing repairs.
  2. Using a pressure washer or harsh chemicals: stains on your roof can be unsightly but by using extremely powerful pressure washing her chemicals you can actually remove the granules that make up the surface of shingles. These granules actually work to repel moisture away from your roof and seal it. By removing a large number of these granules from the surface you can cause a lot of damage to your roof and potentially leave cracks in your shingles were water can sneak in and cause damage.
  3. Ignoring maintenance or repairs: any type of leak or minor repair needs to be addressed immediately. Leaving a leak or ignoring general maintenance on your roof will only lead to more costly fixes.

These are some of the top things that any homeowner should avoid doing to their roof in Edmonton, for more information on roofing inspections click here to read another blog post. 

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