Whoville inspired decor

"There is no place like like home." The government, Dorothy and the Grinch said it best. Sitting here on Thanksgiving watch the age old classic The Grinch. After, working in retail for over a decade I find myself wondering "where is the girl, you used to know? You and I were so carefree, and now nothing's easy." I am not a huge fan of the holidays one because of Mariah Carey...

and two because they pass too quickly, and everyone is hyped on "stuff" not WHO. Except this year I will begin decorating, yesterday.

2019 has left me craving clarity, and 2020 made me realize that "maybe the Grinch wasn't so bad after all," maybe he just got the social distancing guidelines earlier. 2020 has been a wild ride of a year, so naturally this year I could not be happier to welcome the holidays. Mostly because the holidays signal the end of this 'unprecedented' time. From wild fires to big cat dynasties, murder hornets and n95 mask shortages...

This year has been "hideodorous". Leaving a few people with feelings of "hate, hate, hate. Hate, hate, hate. Double Hate. Loathe entirely!" I hope that I can change your mind completely and "fill your Christmas cheer meter." "And your small heart" may "grow three sizes."

Our Whoville inspired package is fun and it is sure to invoke a little Christmas spirit on even the worst kind of What. Christmas decor this year doesn't need to be "hand-crafted and almost a hundred years old," this year it can be new-to-who. Get a Christmas Light Quote
Starting with our Professional grade C9 LED strawberries in red, yellow, and green. Did I mention that our C9 are sure to get the point across because they are 5 times brighter. I won't get into the specifics on why your neighbors will be furry green with envy, because you will finally grow up and "take your rightful place as holiday Cheermeister".

You don't have to hate Christmas, you can just pretend to. We have simple Christmas artificial wreaths with plain bows, a Who-tree that leaves the feeling that "Christmas isn’t about presents, or ornaments, or trees, or even roast beast. Maybe Christmas… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more.”

A locally sourced Grinch sign stealing Christmas lights, locally sourced in Leduc. So you can "get back to Christmas, the way it should be." We have this years plan covered this year, we thought of everything from decor to timers. You will be the house of the year, "no more laying in bed staring at the ceiling while you slip slowly into madness."

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