Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Gutter Replacement

Don’t procrastinate getting the gutter replacement you need.

In our last blog, our roofers in Edmonton went over a few signs that indicate the need for gutter replacement. Gutter replacement may not seem like the most urgent roof repair, but your gutters play a key role in preventing roof leaks, so you shouldn’t put off getting them replaced for very long. Believe it or not, roof leaks are just one of the many problems that can be avoided by replacing your gutters promptly. Here are a few more problems that can be avoided when you get your gutters replaced ASAP:

#1. Peeling Paint

Peeling PaintWe all want our homes to make a good impression, and your home’s paint can make or break its curb appeal. The bottom line is that peeling paint looks tacky, but if you put off gutter replacement for too long, peeling paint is likely your fate. Protect your paint job by getting your gutters repaired promptly.

#2.dreamstime_6448011 Bowing Driveway

When your gutters are working properly, they direct water safely away from your home and your driveway. But when your gutters are in need of replacement, they can allow water to escape and fall on your driveway. Pooling water can damage your driveway, eventually causing it to bow and crack. A bowed, cracked driveway can be expensive to repair, and you’re much better off getting your gutters replaced at the first sign of trouble.


#3. Interior Flooding

As we mentioned earlier, your gutters help to divert water away from your home, which keeps it safe from water damage. However, if your gutters are damaged or broken, some of that water may make its way into your home. Basements are particularly susceptible to water damage from broken gutters, and it can cost an arm and a leg to get the damage repaired.

#4. Pest Damage and Other Issues

Pest DamageIf you put off cleaning out your gutters for too long, the soggy leaves, twigs and debris can start to rot the fascia board. Not only can rotted fascia board lead to all kinds of issues with your gutters, the board also plays an important role in preventing rodents from squeezing their way into the gap between the wall and the roof and causing mayhem in your home. Additionally, when water is left to sit in damaged gutters, it attracts mosquitoes and other pests.

#5. Landscape Erosion

Like the paint on your home, your landscape helps to create the ultimate first impression when friends, family and neighbours come over or drive by. Landscaping is an investment, and the last thing you want is to put your investment at risk by not getting your gutters replaced when they are due. When your gutters aren’t working as they are designed to, water can flow from your roof into certain areas of your landscape, where it can knock over flowers, shrubs and other plant life, and, if left for too long, can even lead to soil erosion.

#6. Dirty Siding

Getting your gutter replaced promptly can help to keep the siding on your home looking nice. When dirty water splashes down from your gutters, it’s likely to flow down your siding, leaving a trail of muck along the way. Additionally, the water can splash into the dirt below, creating mud that can splash against your siding.

Neglecting to replace your gutters when they are damaged beyond repair can help you avoid a whole host of other issues that can hurt your home’s curb appeal and lead to high repair costs. Get the prompt roof repairs you need in Edmonton by turning to Sargeant’s Roofing. We offer professional roofing services and free roofing inspections. Contact us today for yours!